Best Marijuana Penny Stocks in 2018

As more States throughout the US make the decision to legalize the recreational use of marijuana, companies involved are growing and as such, they can be invested in. Currently, these companies are being sold as penny stocks and that makes them a much higher risk but at the same time, those who are prepared for those risk have the potential for significant earnings. Here we will take a look at Nutrafuels and 8 other marijuana penny stocks that you might want to consider investing in during the remainder of the year of 2017.

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Top Marijuana Penny Stocks 2017 and 2018

Which States Are Voting To Legalize The Sale Of Recreational Marijuana?

Among the states that have either already approved legislation on the legalization of recreational marijuana or are in the process of doing so include Arizona, Arkansas, California, Florida, Maine, Massachusetts, and Montana. As these states approve legislation it is sure to set a trend that is likely to be followed by many other states. As this trend grows and is more accepted across the Nation it will only serve to increase the businesses that are involved in its distribution.

The key to investing in companies and in these marijuana penny stocks is to understand which companies are poised to profit and which are positioned to fail. Some of the companies have extended debt that they are unlikely to be able to pay and this is going to lead to their failure. Other companies, on the other hand, have doubled and tripled their profits in recent months and are perfectly poised to continue to do so throughout the remainder of the year.

Profits VS Principle

Many investors find themselves facing a dilemma. As investors and business people, they invest to make profits. But some of them who have various moral or religious convictions debate over whether they should stand on principle or make decisions based on what’s likely to be highly profitable. Obviously, this is a personal question and one that only each individual investor will be able to make.

There was a time in America when alcohol was outlawed. It is highly likely that there were individuals that at the time viewed alcohol as something that went against their personal moral convictions or religious beliefs. But once Alcohol was again made legal, then in time the majority of people simply accepted it. For that reason, there are many people who can invest in companies that are involved in the production and distribution of alcohol without any issues.

It is highly likely that in time it will be the same with marijuana. At this time, there are so many people that feel that it is very wrong but without arguing either side of that debate, the fact is that it is being made legal in many states and is likely to ultimately be legal Nationwide. This means that in time it’s highly likely that the majority of people, regardless of what their personal moral beliefs are at this moment, will likely become comfortable with the idea of investing in these companies.

For that reason, those that are considering investing in these penny stocks for profits should likely do so strictly on the face of their investment value and potential. Just as American policy separates church and state, investors should likely separate profit and principle.

Looking At The Long-Term Potential

Similar to any other type of investing it is important to look at the long-term potential in order to determine the real chances of profit. Anytime an investor is looking to put their money in a company, they will want to make sure that it’s a reputable company that manages its money well. If it’s over burdened with too much debt then it’s a potential loser. If on the other hand, it has manageable debt and a solid plan in place for growing the company and its profits, then that’s a company that has good potential.

If a company has great management in place, then this is another thing that will help keep the company stable and growing. A company that is managed well and has its debt in control and a good plan for growth and profits is exactly the type of company that investors will want to look to invest in. It doesn’t necessarily take a long time to achieve profits. It is highly likely that some of these companies will see significant growth over the next two to three years.

Nutrafuels And 8 Other Marijuana Penny Stocks To Consider In 2017

1. Nutrafuels

This is an American company located in the state of Florida. Among their products, they produce skin care from hemp and other skin care products. As well, they also produce an oral spray and are considered among industry leaders in the manufacturing of CBD products including liquid products.

The manufacturing plant has been inspected and is approved by the Department of Agriculture in the state of Florida. They are registered with the FDA and they carry a certification by cGMP which is a third-party certification business.

2. American Cannabis Company

This Corporation was established in 2001 and it is designed to offer a variety of solutions for businesses in the US and in Canada. The company helps to advise other businesses in the industry as well as helping them with the supply of equipment for cannabis production.

3. Aurora Cannabis In Com

This company has been helping to grow and market medical marijuana in Canada. It has a 55000-foot facility and offers the highest grade medical marijuana. This year alone it is seeing a growth of over 90%.

4. Cara Therapeutics

This company which was an established in 2004 is considered to be a biopharmaceutical business that develops pharmaceuticals for the nervous system. Specifically, they have focused some of their efforts on treating adult pain. They consider some of their products to focus specifically on neuropathic and inflammatory pain. They have seen a drop in their stock value but there are many reasons to believe that this will rebound.

5. Canopy Of Growth Corporation

This company was once known as Tweed Marijuana Inc and is one of the largest producers of medical marijuana in Canada. They have a half a million square feet of indoor greenhouses and they recently purchased Bedrocan Cannabis Corp. for just under $60 million. To date, their stock is growing over 30%.

6. Medical Marijuana Inc

Even though this company was formed in 2005 it is still in the development stage. All of their services and products are focused on medical marijuana and other industrial uses for hemp. Among their products are chewing gum made with cannabis as well as extracts made to be used as a pharmaceutical medicine and with nutritional products and cosmetics.

7.Canna Securities

This stock has all the appearances of having a potential for profit. It is currently seen as a leader in the Cannabis industry. Their solutions are dependable and of high quality and they are poised to help companies with their needs and safety issues in the industry.

8. Cannabis Sativa

This is a 12-year-old company based in Nevada and they went public recently. Their business is based on Natural products made with cannabis. They make creams for trauma and they are licensed for medical cannabis.

9. Zynerba Pharmaceuticals

This Corporation was established in 2007 and offers synthetic forms of cannabinoid Therapeutics. Some of their products are designed for people to use twice a day. they offer a patch that can be used in the arm or thigh and has shown its effectiveness in treating neuropathy and fibromyalgia. Their stock prices have grown moderately this year but are expected to Triple over the next couple years.

These are some of the companies with potential. You should always do your due diligence when investing. Invest in these penny stocks at your own risk.

Top Marijuana Penny Stocks going into 2018

Marijuana Stocks To Watch When it comes to investing, the main priority is usually whether or not it is a good investment or not. But when it comes to investing in companies that are engaged in the manufacturing and sales of marijuana, there are mixed feelings that remain due to the fact that it has only recently become legal in some states. Republicans and senior citizen still stand largely opposed to the National legalization of recreational marijuana but even those groups are loosening their ideas and a higher percentage of them are willing to accept its approval. Is It A Growth Market? There are few markets that investor could put their money in that has seen as much growth as the industries within the marijuana manufacturing and sales have. There are companies on the NASDAQ that have seen 12 hundred percent increases and other companies that currently manufacture and sell medical marijuana that has regularly seen between 300% to 1000% increases. It's not hard to understand why these increases are driving big and small investors to pay very close attention to this industry. Future Growth Not only has The industry seen tremendous growth in the last few years but it is projected to have a 35% growth over the next few years. 2016 reached an all-time high of just under 7 billion dollars and 2017 will likely see the year end at between $8 and $10 billion. The real news is the fact that some projections suggest that from 2018 to 2026 there will be a growth to $50 billion dollars annually in legal pot sales. As recently as 1995 there was as little as only one-quarter of the American population that felt marijuana should be legalized Nationwide. Up from that time until this, there has been a softening of the opinion and now over 60% of Americans would like to see recreational marijuana approved Nationwide. With this type of support, it is almost certain that over the next few years the country will see the entire nation embrace the idea of legalizing the recreational use of marijuana. Are Marijuana Stocks Traded On The NASDAQ And The New York Stock Exchange? The New York Stock Exchange and the NASDAQ have share price requirements as well as market caps and this currently prevents any of the available marijuana stock investments from being traded on those venues. It's almost certain that in time they will be. At this time, however, marijuana penny stocks are available with the OTC or pink sheets. One of the things that help make marijuana penny stocks a great investment is that over the last few years the OTC has stepped up its game and is doing a rather good job of properly listing and Reporting valid information on the stocks. It is still a risky proposition as almost all of the marijuana penny stocks are currently still losing money. These Investments are much like those in the early days of the internet when everyone was highly speculating and throwing big money but not making money with it. Of course, many people lost a lot of money speculating and not holding internet companies up to the same standards they did others when investing. This led to those losses. At the same time, the internet did go on to be wildly successful, as we all know. Marijuana Monopolies Currently, there are a number of small businesses that are participating in the growing, processing and even the retail of recreational marijuana. But in some states, the laws are set up so that big business is more easily able to come in and seize all of the available licenses preventing smaller businesses to have a chance in those States and this is leading to the potential of marijuana monopolies. While this might be good for those companies in the long term, in the short term it could mean that profit margins or minimal. 3 Marijuana Penny Stocks You Should Keep An Eye On In 2018 1. GW Pharmaceuticals This company is based in Britain and is most well known for its treatment products related to multiple sclerosis. It was the first company able to get Market approval in Britain and will likely obtain FDA approval in 2018. 2. Canopy Growth Corporation This company was formerly known as Tweed Marijuana Inc and is based in Ontario, Canada. Interestingly enough, the symbol for this company on the Toronto Stock Exchange is 'WEED'. With the current approval of recreational marijuana taking effect in all of Canada and with the increasing legalization of it in the states, this company is poised to see significant increases in the coming year. 3. Insys Therapeutics This American based pharmaceutical company is based in Arizona and is already listed on the NASDAQ. The company was founded in 1990 and its specialty is Pharmaceuticals that have therapeutic uses in the effort to improve the lives of patients. The Globalization Of Legalized Recreational Marijuana For investors, one of the key things they want to keep an eye on is the fact that the legalization of recreational marijuana is going global. Britain, Germany, Canada, and others are legalizing the sale and use of recreational marijuana. While it is almost inevitable that the US will eventually have nationwide legalization of recreational marijuana, there are some obstacles. Currently, most states are entertaining the idea or have already approved it but the Trump Administration is vowing to put obstacles in place to prevent the Nationwide approval or the federal approval of the legal possession of recreational marijuana. President Trump has said that he would not interfere with the sale of medical marijuana but that he would stand in the way of federally approving the possession or interstate transportation of legalized recreational marijuana. For this reason, many investors may want to be looking at Canada especially and also Germany and other areas of Europe. Canada especially offers some great opportunities as they are poised to soon have a Countrywide approval of the legal sale and possession of recreational marijuana. While the market currently in Canada is only about $80 million dollars per year, this could go to over five billion dollars when recreational marijuana goes in full force. 3 Things That Investors In Marijuana Penny Stocks Need To Know 1. Highs And Lows Marijuana penny stocks routinely have significant highs and substantial lows. Experienced investors understand that the potential for high returns usually comes with an equal or greater potential of risk. Investors need to be able to evaluate the risk versus the potential profit. 2. Recognizing False Highs As marijuana stock is currently sold as penny stocks they have more volatility. It is possible for an investor to invest heavily and make sure that it is publicized so that when other marketers see it they see the stock as on the rise. This makes it an appealing investment. But as soon as those investors began to invest, that individual then sells off his stock and the prices plummet. 3. Sunshine And Rainbows A good investor will keep a constant look for company reports about what's happening. If the company always releases only the most positive and exciting news then it's something to be leery about. Very often if the reports that you're reading are always glowing then it is likely that company is being paid to put out such reports. There is little doubt that marijuana is a growth market. But because it is still in the early stages there is a lot of volatility. Investors have a great opportunity to make substantial gains, but there are risks.